How to Get All 180 Free Pulls in ZZZ – Zenless Zone Zero Guide

Analysis of free pulls

The 180 free pulls are divided into four different prizes:

x20 encrypted master tapes

Currency for exclusive channels, banner to pull limited-time S-rank agents

  • x10 obtained through the new City Visitor Passport event
  • x10 obtained through the Sixth Street Giveaway event

x70 master tape

Use these to pull A-Rank Agents and A-Rank W-Engine into the star-studded Cast Stable Channel

  • Clever generosity receives x10
  • x20 earned through pre-registration rewards
  • x40 proxy achieved by the way of greatness

x80 bupon

Used to pull up Bangboo via signal search

  • x5 earned through pre-registration rewards
  • x10 “Eh-Nah” obtained through the Into Your Lap event
  • x65 Achieved via the Road to Proxy Greatness

x1,600 polychrome

Premium currency that can be used to purchase 10 additional tapes (or other things!) of your choice

  • x1,600 obtained via Road to Proxy Greatness

Most rewards are obtained through check-in events that begin at different times (see below), though there is also an indefinite rewards system that rewards players for reaching certain account levels.

ZZZ Free Rewards Event Calendar

monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday sunday
07/01 07/02 07/03 07/04 07/05 07/06 07/07
ZZZ Launch
Clever Generosity Rewards Available

Visitor passport programme launched in new city

07/08 07/09 07/10 07/11 07/12 07/13 07/14
Sixth Street Giveaway Check-in Event Started The special program code has expired
07/15 07/16 07/17 07/18 07/19 07/20 07/21
07/22 07/23 07/24 07/25 07/26 07/27 07/28
“Eh-Nah” Into Your Lap Check-in Event Started
07/29 07/30 07/31 08/01 08/02 08/03 08/04
08/05 08/06 08/07 08/08 08/09 08/10 08/11
08/12 08/13 08/14 08/15 08/16 08/17 08/18
All Welcome Gift Programs End

When do you unlock events in Zenless Zone Zero? you might ask. While you need to reach Inter-Knot level 8 for almost all of the following events (you'll get this by just playing through the prologue!), you'll also need to reach a certain part in the story where the events unlock.

this happens When you're asked to open a video shopAfter completing the proxy and the green one. After collecting almost all the pending tapes, the brother you are not playing with sends you a message and wants to show you something. After that event, you will receive this text message from Inter-Not:

This message is a confirmation that you have successfully unlocked events for your account and you can now participate in the events you are eligible for. The rest of this guide explains the events that will earn you the promised 180 free pulls.

New City Visitor's Passport + 10 Encrypted Master Tapes

To obtain the first set of X10 encrypted master tapes you will need…

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