How to unlock Cyberpunk 2077’s new ending in Phantom Liberty

cyberpunk 2077‘S Phantom Liberty The expansion has its own self-contained conclusion, but depending on your choices throughout the story, you can also unlock an entirely new ending to the base game. To achieve this you just have to make certain choices.

If you’re worried about missing the ending, but don’t want to completely spoil the story by trying to unlock it, good news: we’ll tell you which dialogue options to choose without giving away concrete details about what’s going on. Have to choose. Phantom Liberty, We’ll show images of important points and try to vaguely describe any decisions you make, but not describe the story. If that arrangement sounds good and you want some guidance on how to reach cyberpunk 2077New findings, read further. If you are also concerned about certain references having no context Events, turn back.

Phantom Liberty There is a major inflection point in the search for Firestarter. Your decision here will take you on one of two paths that are quite different from each other and reveal different things about its new characters. you can still access cyberpunk 2077Either of these paths will lead to a new ending, but you’ll have to make certain decisions to reach it. Once you’ve seen one route to the end, it’s really worth loading an old save to start fresh to try another, as this will give you the greatest insight. Phantom Libertythe story of.

All that being said, the branch point is well signposted, and you’ll know it’s coming before you get there. the decision that puts you on a Phantom Liberty The passage or another takes place in this scene:

Songbird is shown working on a computer next to a large piece of equipment.

screenshot, CD Projekt Red/Kotaku

Here, you’ll find two dialogue options that each correspond to one of two actions. Either route can unlock a new ending, but depending on your later choices, you may lose that ending entirely. And yes, there’s probably some good role-playing material to play around with. But assuming you at least want to see the ending and decide if you want to keep it as your canon conclusion, read on for what you need to do in each route.

To keep things as spoiler-free as possible, we’ll label each route by V’s dialogue option as opposed to the actual action.

“One more second…”

This route is more simple in how to unlock the new ending. Without giving away specific details, the only thing you have to do in this route is to unlock the new ending. Make sure the songbird survives, There’s a specific decision point near the end of this route that will determine the Netrunner’s fate, and as long as she survives, you’ll be able to see the new ending.

“I am with you.,

Conversely, unlocking the new ending in this route is a bit difficult, and it’s especially difficult to explain how to unlock it without spoilers. But if you go with this decision, you’ll have to go through the final quest of the expansion and essentially become a heel in the end. Idris Elba’s character Solomon Reed will engage you in conversation after a climactic battle, and here’s what you need to do agree to the deal he proposes,

Both of these paths, no matter which one you decide, will get you there Phantom Liberty‘s credit sequence, after which you’ll be thrown back into the open world. But if you’ve made specific decisions within any of the routes that unlock the new ending, wait for Reed to contact you, meet him, then follow the quest objectives to see the new ending. This means that if you follow any of these routes, you will end your life cyberpunk 2077 play with new ending, It also means that you’re reaching the point of no return and the game’s final credits will roll.

if you don’t make Phantom Liberty The options that unlock new endings will take you back to the main path of the base game and you will have to follow it to one of the original endings.

what happens if i unlock Phantom Libertynew ending before it ends cyberpunk 2077,

Phantom LibertyThe new ending is different from the other endings cyberpunk 2077, as this will essentially wipe the rest of the game off the table so you can see its new conclusion. This is part of why I recommend finishing cyberpunk 2077 with one of its original endings before watching Phantom Libertyof, because I am taking a new one Phantom Liberty The ending will end your game before you’ve even experienced the bulk of the main game. Plus, the new ending is much more focused on the characters than the expansion 2077has a cast of , so it definitely has a weird place in the continuity.

if you play Phantom Liberty before finishing cyberpunk 2077, especially the companion quests (Kerry, Judy, Panem, River), you’ll miss some character beats in the new finale. Thus I also recommend that you at least check out their stories before proceeding. Phantom Libertytermination of.

for more information Phantom Libertycheck out Kotakureview of,

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