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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Congress of bringing religion and divisive issues and agendas into the picture in the ongoing national elections, while the main opposition party will have to question whether its agenda includes Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes. Tribal reservation is to be taken away. , and other backward classes, and give it unconstitutionally to their vote banks on the basis of religion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there is a general movement towards BJP in the larger society (PMO photo)

It would be wrong to remain silent in such a situation…People from these communities are raising questions about their dangerous agenda, and as a party that represents the aspirations of the people, we will also consider their concerns. These are important questions that the Congress needs to answer,” Modi said in an interview with R. Sukumar, Shashir Gupta and Sunitra Chaudhary.

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He referred to the manifesto of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the speeches of its leaders and said that it is clear that it is the only party that is committed to making India a developed, net-zero future, the third largest economy. Talks about becoming etc.

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He said that when the Congress came out of power and went into opposition, it resorted to creating a bitter, hostile and unrestrained environment. “Even some Congress leaders themselves feel that this is not right, but do not express it for fear of their political future within the party.” He added that the top leadership of the Congress has not yet agreed to step down from power. “He has not been able to accept the fact that the country has moved on from him. But the more time he spends in opposition, hopefully he will learn too.”

He said that there is a general movement towards BJP in the larger society. Even the political field is not safe from it. So, we welcome anyone who wants to come with open arms, as long as they believe in our vision and mission.”

Modi said that the youth are attracted towards it and BJP is their first choice. “They also know that in family-based parties, their talents are stifled, and they have to suffer brutality to advance in the party, whereas in the BJP, a typical panna paramukh. can also become the prime minister of the country. Cadre-driven means that no one group or family decides the future of the party. So, whoever is in our party, work with the principle of 'Nation First' You have to win the trust of the cadre.

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