I can't get over the cheating because I got married at 22 – 32 years old.

A Nigerian man has revealed he is a serial cheater and believes it is because his parents forced him to marry at the age of 22.

The 32-year-old man revealed that he got his wife pregnant 10 years ago and was forced to take her as his wife.

But he continued to cheat on her with multiple women during this period and she failed to stop.

However, he said he recently met a woman and she is the only person he sees besides his wife, but he feels guilty.

According to him, the side chick changed him in a way because it was the reason he stopped seeing other women.

He wrote; “I got married at 22. I take care of my wife and my children, they go to the best school in my community and they live in the house I bought for them on the island. Been cheating during marriage, I'm not proud of it but maybe because I got married when I was 22. So I've been with different women for the past 10 years Cheating with and I tried to hide it from him. He only caught me once.

Now I've met this new girl I'm cheating with, and since I met her last year I've only been cheating with her and no one else, I can't believe I'm with her. I can stop sleeping with multiple women until I meet. Now I'm afraid of losing him, if that happens I'll go back to cheating with multiple women.

The girl I'm cheating with changed me, at least I stopped sleeping around. I apologize to my wife, she is a good woman, I'm sorry she met someone like me who couldn't love her enough to stop cheating. Goodbye.”

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