“I did not come among them”

Suchitra Pillai on Preity Zinta's claim of 'snatching' her boyfriend: 'I did not come between them'

Instagram photos by Preeti (R), Suchitra. (courtesy: preetijinta)

New Delhi:

Suchitra Pillai, who is currently enjoying the success of her new release The Broken News2, Recalled the day when she was dubbed a “boyfriend snatcher” in an interview with Siddharth Kannan. In the same interview, Suchitra clarified that her husband Lars Kjeldsen had dated Preity Zinta before the beginning of their relationship and he was not the reason behind their (Lars and Preity Zinta) break-up. Talking about her equation with Preity Zinta, Suchitra said, “No, that's someone else's story. Preity and I were never friends, we were acquaintances because we had a common friend. But, yes, Lars Kjeldsen Had dated Preity Zinta for some time, but they broke up before he met me and the only fact is that I didn't come between them, they parted ways for a completely different reason.”

However, Suchitra was portrayed as a “boyfriend snatcher” by a section of the media in those days. Reflecting on the series of events that led to her being “labelled”, she said, “The big news that happened, which was a big misunderstanding, it was not because of me. It happened when I came back from England. , I was called a 'boyfriend snatcher' on the cover of many magazines, the headlines read, 'Suchitra Pillai is a boyfriend snatcher.' It was because I started dating Andrew Coyne, who had started Star Television in India, but it was not because of me that there was a rift between Andrew and his partner and model Achala Sachdev. It was several years later and Achala and I laugh a lot about it.”

Suchitra Pillai is mostly remembered for her role as Saif Ali Khan's stoic girlfriend in the Farhan Akhtar directorial. heart desires, He also acted in films like Visa Bhi Hota Hai Part II, Page 3, Side Effects of Love, Fashion, He also had a brilliant career on television. He acted in serials like Hip Hip Hurray, Ghar Jamai, Prime Minister, 24.

Suchitra Pillai married Lars Kjeldsen in 2005. They are the parents of a daughter, Annika Kjeldsen. Meanwhile, Preity Zinta married Gene Goodenough in 2016. The couple became parents to twins Jiya and Jai through surrogacy in 2021.

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