I just keep looking at my daughter and it feels amazing, says Rahul Vaidya who recently became a father

Disha Parmar


Rahul Vaidya

became the parents of


Girl on September 20, 2023. The couple shared this good news on their social media. While Disha is still resting and recovering, we spoke to Rahul who is happy.

Speaking to BT, he said, “I’m on top of the world… I feel like this. It’s an amazing feeling, which I can’t explain. I always wanted my first child to be a girl because I They seem to change the world for fathers. It’s an indescribable feeling. I’m usually good at putting feelings into words, but this time I have no words.”

Rahul further said, “We did not know that we were going to deliver on September 20. We had gone out a day before that.”


Visit. When we came back at night, Disha felt a lot of pain which continued throughout the night. Then the next morning she went to the hospital around 10 o’clock and then the doctors checked and said that her delivery would be today, so she needed to be admitted to the hospital. We were not ready, but Disha was as calm as she was throughout her pregnancy. Our baby girl was born at around 5:27 pm.”

He says that Rahul witnessed the delivery and the memories will always be engraved in his mind. “I was sitting in the operation theater when she was being delivered and watching the baby come into this world is a beautiful memory for me. For about two-three hours people were asking how I was feeling. I didn’t know what to say. She was born at such an auspicious time… the timing couldn’t have been better. Lakshmi ji has come to our house, so I put a little tilak on her forehead. This feeling

becoming a father

Incredible,” he shared.


His condition is improving in the hospital and the couple will bring the baby home on Rahul’s birthday. The singer said, “We never planned the pregnancy and we did not know that she would be born during


, and she will come home on my birthday on September 23rd. My child is the best gift I could ever want in life. Disha has handled herself very well and it is commendable. She was unwell for a day after delivery but is now recovering. When Disha took the child in her lap, she found it all very strange. Whenever I am in the hospital, I just keep looking at my daughter and feel very good.

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