'I see a strong sense of positivity and enthusiasm for BJP,' says third-term PM Narendra Modi | Top 10 quotes

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Ahead of the fourth phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is optimistic about his government winning a record third term in power. In an interview with Hindustan Times' KR Sukumar, Shashir Gupta, and Sunitra Chaudhary, Modi explained his government's achievements and vision for India's future. He also shared his party's agenda for winning the general elections.

Speaking to sister publication Livemint, the prime minister said the BJP's manifesto or 'Sankalp Patra' is not just about “the next five years … it is about outlining that road map. Which will take the wicket to India by 2047”.

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Looking ahead to a record third term

“The last 10 years have been trailers. I want to do a lot more,” Modi, eyeing a record third term in June this year, told the newspaper.

Talking about what needs to be done to win power in southern states, PM Modi said that he (BJP) does not subscribe to the victory mentality. “We are working with the feeling of serving 140 crore Indians. For us, every part of India has to be served,” he added.

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Modi asserted that the BJP's relationship with the people of South India, including Tamil Nadu and Kerala, was nothing new. “We have dedicated ourselves to serve the people there, whether we are in government or not. Our workers have been working selflessly for decades. Many have even lost their lives in the process. Sacrificed,” said the PM.

PM Modi explained that people are tired of the corruption, cronyism and family politics of the INDI Alliance seen in various southern states.

Looking ahead, Modi spelled out a vision for a 'Visit India' by 2047, laying out plans that would go beyond mere election cycles. “In these 10 years, we have shown the world that real progress is about empowering every citizen and giving them the tools they need to succeed,” he said, citing free rations, bank accounts, He said, pointing to toilets and health care. Government's commitment to empowerment and poverty alleviation

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Here are the top 10 quotes from PM Modi's interview.

  • People have seen a difference in their lives. Because of our track record, we didn't need any populist initiatives going into the elections.
  • We have freed the country from hereditary problems. Today, we have built a strong economy that will serve as the foundation for India's next 25 years.
  • Everywhere I go I see a tsunami of 'Jin Samarthan' (popular support) for my party. All over India, people have seen how a strong, decisive and sensitive government has secured the nation and strengthened its position in the world.
  • Our gains will come from all parts of the country and some gains will come from areas that will surprise political pundits. You will find that Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have registered a significant increase in our seats.
  • I see a strong sense of positivity and enthusiasm for the BJP. Our message of growth and development resonates strongly with the people of South India.

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  • In this election, BJP booths are showing energy and vitality. I ask my party workers to take everyone along and create a festive and happy atmosphere when they go out to vote on election day. The world should see how happily and collectively India celebrates its democracy.
  • We have a strong and vibrant democracy with many different ideologies, ideologies and schools of thought. All are welcome. There may be differences of opinion but I don't think there should be animosity.
  • The top leadership of the Congress has not yet agreed to step down from power. They have not been able to accept the fact that the country has outgrown them.
  • I am nothing but a sevak of Maa Bharati. I never think about what's next for me. I am wondering what I can do to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of my family of 140 crore Indians.
  • After filling the void left by 60 years of Congress rule in our first term and putting India on the fast track of development in our second term, our third term will be a period of rapid growth like never before. Was not seen.

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