If Samsung's efforts are successful, the Galaxy S25 will not use Snapdragon globally

Last updated: June 22, 2024 at 19:21 UTC+02:00

Recently it was reported that Qualcomm could be the sole supplier of chipsets for the Galaxy S25 series coming next year. This would mean that all three Galaxy S25 models will get the next-generation chipset, which is called the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 globally. There will be no variant with the Exynos 2500 chipset, as per rumours.

This possibility has already excited a lot of fans, as some were not happy with Samsung's decision to bring back Exynos with this year's Galaxy S24 series, after going Snapdragon-only with last year's Galaxy S23 lineup yielded very good results. However, it seems Samsung is working hard to ensure that some variants of the 2025 flagship use the Exynos 2500.

Samsung is trying its best to increase the performance of the Exynos 2500

According to a report from South Korea, all the Snapdragons for the Galaxy S25 series are likely because the yield for the Exynos 2500 is very low. Previously, the yield was in the single-digit range which was not ideal. However, Samsung has reportedly been able to improve the process which has helped bring the yield up to 20%.

While this is a significant improvement, it is still not enough. The report states that the yield needs to be at least 60% for the chip to enter mass production. Samsung needs to realistically achieve this by the third quarter of this year so that the chipsets can go into Galaxy S25 units that will be released in the first quarter of 2025. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen.

Details about the Exynos 2500 are limited at this time. Some rumors have claimed that it could match or even beat the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 in power efficiency due to being manufactured on Samsung's second-generation 3nm process. Still, mass production is at risk due to low yields if minimum yield thresholds are not met in time.

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