ILLIT reportedly fired at Minji of Newzines

The allegations stem from an explosive email sent by Newzeans' parents.

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uneducated accused of disagreeing newgins During a show produced by Belift Lab,

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On May 13, parents of Newgins members revealed the ill-treatment they faced. bang si hyuk And HYBE,

In an email, the parents of the K-pop stars criticized HYBE for abusing and stealing the news.

Newzeans' parents expose promotion for exploiting and abusing members in explosive report

Additionally, parents also expressed concern over ILLIT's self-generated content. According to parents, ILLIT's self-produced content appears to welcome gossip and controversy.

But ILLIT's self-produced content contained scenes that could be used for gossip. I felt it was unfair that ILLIT's content produced by BELIFT brought this incident to light. As I feared, I saw that these scenes had been used in online posts mocking Newgins. This was all planned and produced by HYBE's internal production team and was not filtered or edited, which is disappointing.

-Newgen's parents

As soon as the email went viral, a netizen uploaded a post in which he claimed to have found the problematic scene. In the scene, ILLIT members can be seen choosing between Kalguksu and Galbi Jezim. After this the members unilaterally elected Kalguksu.


The subtitles say: “Kalguksu is what's trending now.” (Top)


This scene is reminiscent of Minji's dispute over Kalguksu. Earlier, the NewJeans member faced criticism after he said he had never tried Kalgukso.

Here's what Nujin Minji's “Kalguksu controversy” is and how it started

Netizens reacted to the scene and editing, with many saying that, although the allegations seem ridiculous, HYBE's track record of media play is hard to dismiss. Additionally, many felt that the edit in which BELIFT LAB wrote “Kalguksu Is What's Trending Now” was inappropriate and fabricated to further a narrative. Nevertheless, there were some people who felt that the allegations were made on a very large scale.

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  • “I would say the allegations are false for any other label, but because it's HYBE, I can't help but think they put this scene on purpose, hahaha.”
  • “You think this is imaginary? I saw that after Minji apologized, people were using this clip to make fun of her.
  • “They could have removed it because they're under the same label, but the fact that they didn't is, at the very least, HYBE is out of touch. But if they did it maliciously, then they are garbage.”
  • “I normally think the allegations were a reach, but since HYBE is so malicious, I think it's true.”
  • “HYBE are being ruined for everything because they are so toxic. what can you do? It's all because of his track record… I don't think the allegations are too far from the truth, hahaha.
  • “At this point, I think Minji's controversy itself is suspicious, hahaha. To be honest, who is so upset about Kalguksu?”
  • “It is true that we are suspicious of HYBE. Everything they do is full of betrayal.”
  • “Why would you say that Kalguksu is trending? Of course, they'll use this to make fun of Minji.
  • “Kalguksu, what's going on? that sounds weird.”

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