In Britain, a person who 'died' for 50 minutes miraculously recovered, even the doctor was surprised.

In Britain, a person who 'died' for 50 minutes miraculously recovered, even the doctor was surprised.

Hope had waned for 31-year-old Ben Wilson after a devastating heart attack last year.

In a story defying the medical odds, 31-year-old Ben Wilson has made a remarkable recovery after suffering two cardiac arrests last June. Metro.

Mr Wilson's heart stopped beating twice in the space of 50 minutes at his home, prompting paramedics to use a defibrillator 17 times to revive him. According to the report, doctors at the hospital prepared his family for the worst, saying that his chances of survival were slim and that even if he recovered, he could face significant long-term problems. News portal.

However, in a testament to his strength and resilience, Wilson defied those predictions.

After spending five weeks in a medically induced coma to protect his brain from oxygen deprivation, he has gradually regained his ability to walk and talk. He recently proposed to his partner Rebecca Holmes, who reports that he experiences only minor speech and short-term memory problems.

She said, “When the paramedics arrived, they said it didn't look good. They used a defibrillator to shock him 11 times in 40 minutes before his heart stopped. But when they took him out into the garden , then he went away again, and they shocked him six times over the next ten minutes and brought him back again. They immediately put him into a coma to minimize any damage.”

Mr Wilson, a traffic management worker, is now back home and planning his wedding, a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome even the toughest challenges.

“I stayed with her the whole time, telling her I loved her. I played her my song “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, sprayed her pillow with my perfume, and put a teddy I bought for her on it , and said “I love you to the moon and back,” Rebecca Holmes added. I believe my love for him brought him this far. It's a miracle he survived, but there are studies that say love and touch can help.''

“Ben has always been a hopeless romantic, he brings me flowers and cards, and I feel like I'm repaying him for all the love and affection he's shown us in the seven years we've been together.”

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