Iraqi fighters launched a cruise missile attack on an Israeli airbase.

A video released by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq shows the moment the Frame Grab group fired a cruise missile towards the Ramon airbase in the southwestern part of the occupied territories.

In another pro-Palestinian action, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq has announced cruise missile attacks on an airbase in the southwestern part of the occupied territories.

The umbrella group of counter-terrorism fighters made the announcement in a statement on Saturday.

It described the target as “Ramon Airbase” and the projectile as “an advanced Scorpion cruise missile”.

The air base currently has three fighter squadrons and two helicopter gunship squadrons.

The Iraqi coalition said the operation was “in continuation of our path of resistance against the occupation, in support of our people in Gaza, and the massacre of Palestinian civilians, including children, women and occupiers, by the occupying regime.” In response, Elder.”

Since October 7 last year, when the Israeli government launched a genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, the group has carried out numerous such operations against the occupied territories.

At least 34,971 people have been killed in the Israeli genocide, which began after retaliation by Gaza resistance movements. Some 78,641 others have also been injured in the brutal military offensive, while at least 7,000 people are missing.

The Iraqi resistance concluded its statement by vowing to “continue to attack enemy strongholds.”

On Friday, Qais al-Khazali, secretary general of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq Movement, a component of the Iraqi resistance, stressed that Iraqi fighters are at war with the occupation government.

He added that the Iraqi government does not need to take a military stance on the Palestinian issue because the resistance groups have played such a role instead of the government and on behalf of the Iraqi people.

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