“Ironically killing the game” – Asmongold’s comment on a World of Warcraft leak claiming to reportedly add a “free-to-play battle pass”.

During a livestream on September 26, 2023, famous Twitch personality Jack “Asmongold” discovered a set of leaks related to Blizzard Entertainment games. An anonymous 4chan user posted it, which details alleged information about Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Hearthstone, Diablo Immortal, and World of Warcraft Classic.

According to him, WoW Dragonflight is a “remnants of a canceled mobile game”, co-created by a Chinese partner. He then provided some information about the MMORPG’s 11th expansion, claiming it will feature a “free-to-play battle pass” model similar to Destiny 2.

4chan user wrote:

“Dragonflight is a remnant of a canceled mobile game, co-created with Chinese partners, which was ported to World of Warcraft to bridge a huge gap following the disastrous response to patch 9.1. A ship (shift) in tone has been noticed and found offensive.”

He continued:

“11.0 will be announced at BlizzCon, with a change to a free-to-play seasonal battle pass model similar to Destiny 2, with smaller ‘micro expansions’ sold as optional premium DLC, adding elements like new dungeons. “Will be included, those who need access to these DLC packs.”

Asmongold believed that implementing these changes to World of Warcraft would lead to the game’s “abrupt demise”, adding:

“I think that, if they did that, they would potentially, in fact, kill the game.”

“The integrity of the game has been destroyed with WoW tokens” – Asmongold gives his opinion on the alleged leak claiming to add a system like Destiny 2

AsmaGold was about an hour into his livestream when he discovered the above leak on his official subreddit. After giving his initial thoughts on information about the alleged World of Warcraft 11.0, the content creator said that he has no objection to the MMORPG adopting a free-to-play model.

He elaborated:

“Like, I have no problem with them making it free-to-play, with a seasonal battle pass that you have to buy. Like, I don’t really think… it wouldn’t ruin the game for me. That way. The way I see it is – I think WoW has already, like, destroyed the integrity of the game with WoW tokens.”

According to the co-founder of One True King (OTK), integrity, value, and achievement were “destroyed” when Blizzard Entertainment enabled players to purchase in-game gold through WoW tokens:

“Like, any integrity, any value, and any accomplishment in the game was destroyed the moment they allowed you to buy gold. Because you can just buy gold and get whatever you want in the game. And, It’s completely legal and that’s what it is. So, I don’t really care.”

Timestamp: 00:54:25

Asmongold speculated that adding the Battle Pass to World of Warcraft might cause players to leave the game:

“The reason WoW is successful is because people are, like, very invested in it (and already are). And, there’s very little time when you have to recoup that investment. Like – you’re playing an expansion. Buy, what, every two years or something? Asking people to buy, like, a regular battle pass all the time is going to make a lot of people stop playing.”

Fans react to Asmagold’s opinion on alleged WoW 11th expansion leak

Asmongold’s comments on the reported World of Warcraft expansion information have received over 2.1k reactions in the YouTube comments section. Here’s a snapshot of some of the relevant ones:

Fans discuss Asmongold’s opinion on the reported WoW leak in the YouTube comments section (Image via Asmongold Clips/Youtube)

Readers should note that any leaks mentioned in this article have not been confirmed or denied by Blizzard Entertainment. Such information should be taken with caution.

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