Is Android USB-C cable, charger also fully compatible with iPhone?

USB-C simplification started a few years ago with EU guidelines. Late last year, with the iPhone 15 series, Apple made the transition from Lightning ports to USB-C as the charging standard (this was to be done by the end of 2024). Yet, this is a question that still has no clear answer. Or at least, assumptions are weighing heavily on the conversation – are USB-C cables and chargers, originally meant for Android phones, also fully compatible with your iPhone?

Research firm TechInsights, in its latest study, has monitored how the iPhone behaves when charged with some USB-C cables originally made for Android phones. (representative image)

Some of this ambiguity was born out of early complaints with the iPhone 15 Pro phones struggling with heating issues on early iOS versions, which was later fixed with a subsequent software update, iOS 17.0.3. Apple has never explicitly blamed other brands' USB-C charging cables as the culprit behind the heating complaints, but it is believed they could be a factor. Research firm TechInsights, in its latest study, has monitored how the iPhone behaves when charged with some USB-C cables originally made for Android phones.

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“Our study included capturing the charging profile of the iPhone 15 using Apple's USB-C cable and comparing it to a certified Android USB-C cable,” writes Ali Khazaeli, battery subject matter expert-reverse engineering at TechInsights, in the report. In terms of specifications, Apple's latest iPhone 15 Pro phones get the maximum possible charge speed from a 30-watt charger.

Samsung has limited the charging speed of its fastest flagship phones to 45-watts, keeping both companies (and Google too, if we take into account the Pixel 8 Pro's 30-watt wired charging) steady, While the competition around them (Android phones lead the speed) now very much use fast charging speeds as a unique selling point.

Xiaomi's latest flagship phone Xiaomi 14 has 90 Watt fast charging. The OnePlus 12 tops out at 100-watts, and even their latest mid-range Nord CE4 supports the same charging technology. These are just some examples.

The first test conducted by TechInsights compares the architecture of Apple's USB-C cables with those sold by Samsung. Planar and The second series of tests combined Apple's 30-watt charger, Samsung's 45-watt charger, Apple's USB-C cable, and Samsung's USB-C cable for the Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship phone in various combinations.

In tests that used a Samsung 45-Watt Charger with a Samsung USB-C Cable and a Samsung 45-Watt Charger with an Apple USB-C Cable, the charge speed as well as the battery and temperature of the test phone (the test phone is a ) iPhone 15, all tests conducted at a room temperature of approximately 22 degrees Celsius). This should put to rest the widely held argument about genuine USB-C cables for Android phones causing charging issues with the latest generation iPhones.

“The temperature profile of all three cases is similar, which suggests that using the Android cable or charger does not generate additional heat,” the report said.

There are some caveats to the research, however. TechInsights testing shows that SuperVOOC or Voltage Open Loop Multi-Step Constant-Current Charging branded chargers made for Oppo and OnePlus phones charge iPhones at much lower speeds than high-speed chargers (such as 65-watts). Let's charge. For example, someone is expected to make a delivery. This fast charge inconsistency is something that HT has observed when attempting to charge an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max phone with a SuperVOOC charger, even when the USB-C cable is on.

With new rules that dictate USB-C as the standard charging technology for a wide variety of technology, including computing devices, smartphones, tablets and smart home accessories, the EU had a dual reason for pushing it – consumers. Money will be saved. Otherwise, we would have incurred the expense of purchasing new chargers, and an estimated 11,000 tonnes of e-waste annually would have been saved in the form of discarded or unused chargers.

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