Israel is at war with Hamas after a surprise attack, Netanyahu said

Palestinian militants launched their biggest attack on Israel in years on Saturday, sending fighters across the border from Gaza, taking hostages and firing thousands of rockets in an ongoing offensive.

Israel’s prime minister said the country was “at war” as the army launched retaliatory strikes on Hamas positions in Gaza.

Here’s what you need to know:

In an attack that surprised even the Biden administration, the militant group Hamas launched a sustained barrage of thousands of rockets in a coordinated attack by land, sea and air as its forces crossed the Gaza border.

Israel declared war on Hamas and said it had retaliated against 17 military compounds and sites linked to the Hamas leadership in Gaza. Israel Defense Forces are going door-to-door in the southern part of the country near Gaza, trying to clear the area of ​​Hamas militants.

About 300 Israelis, mostly civilians, were confirmed killed and 1,590 injured. So far, at least 232 Palestinians have been martyred and more than 1,697 have been injured.

Israeli soldiers and civilians have been captured and taken to Gaza, the Israeli army said. Militants were holding Israeli hostages in at least two Israeli towns.

Hamas says the attacks are just the beginning and that it is preparing for a long war. Iran praised Palestinian militants for the attack.

Israel’s failure to anticipate the attack left the world wondering what went wrong.

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