Joe Biden says a cease-fire in Gaza could be reached by next Monday. Joe Biden

Joe Biden said he believes a new, temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is possible by next Monday.

The US president offered the update casually during a visit to New York on Monday, in response to reporters asking when he expected a cease-fire to begin.

“My national security adviser told me we're close. We're close. We're not done yet,” Biden said. “My hope is that by next Monday we will have a ceasefire.”

Biden made the comments after an appearance on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers in New York.

Over the weekend, Israel's war cabinet approved the broad terms of a ceasefire agreement for several weeks in exchange for the hostages' release. At intervals of weeks, hundreds of trucks will be able to deliver aid to Gaza, where its health ministry says nearly 30,000 people have died, and disease and starvation have gripped much of the population.

Last week, the UN's food agency halted aid to northern Gaza amid growing reports of famine, citing Israeli shelling and violence due to “total chaos and breakdown of civil order”.

Biden's comments came hours after an active duty member of the US Air Force died after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington to protest the war in Gaza.

The attack follows an October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel that killed nearly 1,200 people and took nearly 200 hostages. About 100 hostages were released under an earlier deal in exchange for a week's respite. Israeli officials believe that about 130 hostages remain in Gaza.

US officials hope that a lull in the fighting for several weeks could offer a way to end the war. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his determination to continue bombing Israel after the pause. “I have set three war goals. The first is to free the hostages. The second is to destroy Hamas. And the third is to ensure that Gaza does not become a threat to Israel in the future. “Understand that until we have a complete There is no victory, we cannot keep peace. We cannot leave Hamas alone.

The situation has become politically complicated for Biden, who is in the race for votes in the US presidential primaries. During Tuesday's election in Michigan, activists urged Democrats to mark their ballots “non-binding” rather than support Biden, in order to get the president to change course and call for a permanent ceasefire. Emphasize.

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