John Oliver names Windows95man as Eurovision champion

John Oliver took the first part last week tonight to talk about the Eurovision Song Contest and highlight the Finnish act known as Windows95man.

The HBO late-night host said his “absolute favorite” was the Finnish entrant, who appeared on stage chanting “No Rules!” Seen singing. Written by Henry Piispanen, Jussi Roin and Teemu Keisteri.

Windows95man was seen coming out of an egg-shaped circle on stage, clad in denim, wearing only a Windows95 crop top and hat.

“Yeah! Fourteen thousand out of ten,” Oliver said after a clip of Windows95man's performance.

He added, “A guy with blonde hair and distorted glasses hatching from a denim egg? It's like Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, only this time it's really good.

Windows95man performed without shorts and was strategically covered as he moved around the stage. Eventually her denim shorts come off and sparks start flying as she turns around.

Oliver said that Windows95man's performance was an “extended Austin Powers bit”. The comedian mentioned that the artiste was ranked last by the judges, but it was the public who voted by such a huge margin that he won.

“Finners are experts at ski jumping, sauna and stargazing,” Oliver said.

He finished by saying, “Hey all other music is dead to me now. I don't know if they won Eurovision or not, but to quote a great poet… 'I don't care what's wrong or right, it depends on how I live my life,' And that's where my champion is.

Switzerland won Eurovision, which took place in Malmö, Sweden. Nemo won with 591 points for his song “The Code”, ahead of Croatia, which finished second, and Ukraine, which finished third.

Watch Window95man's demonstration in the video below.

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