Journalist shares Delhi airport nightmare after Indigo flight delayed: 'I will remember the shock for a long time' | Trending

A journalist shared his ordeal at the Delhi airport last Saturday, when he faced a last-minute flight cancellation and multiple delays by IndiGo. Stranded for almost 12 hours, he finally chose to travel.

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Anubha Pandey was planning to fly from Delhi to Hyderabad for a family function and spend Mother's Day with her mother. She reached Delhi airport at 9 am for a flight scheduled at 10:40 am. Upon checking the baggage, he learns that the flight has been cancelled.

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“I was asked to go to the reservation counter to reschedule or get other options,” he said in a lengthy note on X (formerly Twitter).

“I was shocked to see that there was no dedicated person to handle passengers whose flight was cancelled. It also meant that passengers whose flight was canceled for any reason had no priority. or is not preferred.”

At 12:20 there was another flight to Hyderabad but he realized that the only available ticket for that flight was being given to a passenger who had missed his flight.

Pandey asked the Indigo staff just why.

“When I questioned the process of only giving a 12:20pm flight ticket to Hyderabad to a person who 'missed' his flight, I was met with insensitivity and arguments from two guys at the T1 counter. Had to, just to add more stress to what was going on coming into the day,” Pandey said.

She finally managed to reschedule her tickets for the 5pm flight. Pandey decided to wait at the airport itself.

“After reaching three to four people, I came to know that two idlis and one vada is the food provided by Indigo during the six-hour wait,” the journalist said.

Half an hour before the scheduled take-off at 5pm, the airline informed passengers that the flight was delayed by 1.6 hours. Pandey said that she is ready for her Hyderabad family function at the Delhi airport.

“I have never felt so small and desperate in recent times. It felt like the big corps could play with us as they wanted, even if we were paying for the services,” he said.

The airline reportedly said that the delay in Delhi was because the flight was delayed in Hyderabad.

Exhausted after his long wait at the airport, Pandey asked the IndiGo staff if he could delay the flight further. He was told that there would be no further delay.

However, about 45 minutes before takeoff, the boarding gate of the already delayed flight was changed.

“Guess what? The flight got delayed further to 7:50,” he said.

She expressed her frustration, saying, “I gave up. I was just tired and sad. I felt nauseous just thinking about it. Thank God it wasn't an emergency.”

“I was going to have a family function and some quality time with the family but what about people who are traveling for a doctor's appointment or some other emergency?”

After a long day, exhausted Pandey decided to abandon his travel plans.

“I decided not to travel. For what is the use of arriving at 12 o'clock at night (due to further delay) with such a flamboyant disposition?”

Take a look at Anubha Pandey's post on X:

Pandey, who criticized the airline for its special Mother's Day video, said the airline had 2,000 voucher as compensation.

“In compensation, a senior official is offering me an Indigo voucher worth 2k,” he said.

“First of all, for this person to think that I will travel with Indigo again is very delusional. Second, I will return the 5k but give me a clear answer that I am under such emotional, mental and physical stress. Why put it?”

IndiGo responded to the passenger's post saying that it provided a full refund for his return flight even though it was with a different airline.

“We informed about your canceled and delayed flight via SMS to the registered number. Our team provided refreshments during the wait and provided a full refund for your return journey, Although it was with a different airline,” the airline said.

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