Julian Edelman: Aaron Rodgers staying away from mandatory minicamp is a “bad thing”

It's one thing for Aaron Rodgers to be criticized by idiots like me. It's quite another for him to be criticized by a member of the exclusive club of Super Bowl MVPs.

Former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, who has won the same number of Super Bowl MVPs as Rodgers, criticized Rodgers for skipping the Jets' recent mandatory minicamp.

“I think it's not a good thing to have your leader go and be missed for whatever reason [a mandatory minicamp]“I was with Tom Brady in his 25th or 23rd year, and he started missing OTAs here and there, but he never missed mandatory minicamp. I just thought that was it,” Edelman told Colin Cowherd on Friday. it was a bad scene,

The Jets viewed this absence as unfair. This led to some in the media making a big issue of it, and other people in the media making a big issue of the fact that others made a big issue of it. Edelman brings a very different perspective, one that is rooted in the Patriot Way and Super Bowl winning.

“I’m a huge Aaron Rodgers fan, but if I was in that locker room, and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t there for three days in mandatory minicamp, after playing four snaps because of an injury when we had two new receivers, a bunch of new linemen added to the team, with a CBA that doesn’t allow us to practice a lot, I guarantee there would be four or five guys in that locker room — six, seven, eight, nine guys — sitting there, like, ‘Where is he?’” Edelman said.

If the Jets start the season strong, this will be forgotten. If they don't, some will point to Rodgers skipping mandatory minicamp.

“God forbid the New York Jets start the season 1-3, which they do with the Niners, Tennessee, the Patriots or anyone else [the Broncos]”We all know the Patriots aren't good, but the defense is still the same defense, and that's the one Aaron is playing against,” Edelman said. “If they go 1-3, that's going to be a big upset in the locker room. Because everybody's going to be talking about it.”

While it will be hard to draw a line past mid-June after training camp and the preseason, if the Jets finish 1-3 or worse early in the season, Rodgers' absence invites scrutiny over whether he's truly committed to the 2024 Jets. (Remember, he actually considered quitting as NYJ's QB to run for VP of the USA.)

It’s fair to argue that, if he were truly committed to the 2024 Jets, he wouldn’t have missed the mandatory minicamp.

And it wasn't just a fool like me who said that. A Super Bowl MVP said it, too.

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