Junaid Khan says he is not a 'perfectionist' like his father Aamir Khan: 'I am enjoying it' | Bollywood

Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan recently made his debut in the Netflix film Maharaj. Speaking to Pooja Talwar, he revealed how Aamir reacted after watching the film, how he feels about carrying forward his legacy and more. (Also Read: Shalini Pandey reveals how shooting the horrifying 'charan seva' scene in Maharaj affected her)

'Life is different for everyone'

Junaid Khan with his father, actor Aamir Khan.

Junaid was asked what Aamir's reaction was when he watched Maharaj. Explaining how the actor watches films, he said, “No, I think he liked the film. But it's also…he likes everything. As an audience and when he watches something he wants to enjoy it, so he likes it. Except his own films, where he is not an audience.”

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Junaid was also asked if he is a perfectionist like his father and if it is a burden for him to carry forward the legacy. However, the actor made it clear that he is just trying to make his own way. He said, “I don't think so. Everyone has to do their own thing. Life is different for everyone. I am on this journey and enjoying it.”

'Maybe they don't see me in romantic dramas'

Junaid had an unconventional debut with Maharaj – a film which is based on the Maharaj defamation case and highlights the dark side of sexual abuse in certain spiritual groups. Speaking to PTI, the debutant said, “I don't know if it's an unconventional (debut) because YRF is a big banner and Sid sir (director Sidharth Malhotra) wanted me (in the film). The story is naturally very dramatic.”

He said, “I have been doing theatre in Mumbai since 2017. Sid sir asked me to come and test for this film. I didn't think of it as conventional or unconventional. I think producers and directors didn't see me in romantic dramas. You do whatever work you get but this was a lovely script. It's such a wide medium, I don't think there is any security in films.”

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