Kate Gosselin shares rare photo of her kids for Mother's Day

From Kate Gosselin/Instagram

Kate Gosselin's four sextuplets — Alexis, Aiden, Leah and Joel — are celebrating their 20th birthday.


Former reality star Kate Gosselin shared a rare photo of some of her children on Mother's Day.

In her first Instagram post this year, the mother of twins and sextuplets on Sunday posted a photo of her four sextuplets posing with a chocolate-frosted birthday cake with candles in the shape of the number 20.

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Kate Gosselin and then-husband Jon Gosselin with their twin daughters and sextuplets on NBC News' “Today” show in 2007.

“No more teenagers in this house! Happy 20th birthday, my forever babies! I love you! Who feels old? I know I do! #20yrsold #itsapical,” she wrote in the caption. The sextuplets were born on 10 May 2004.

While Alexis, Aiden, Leah and Joel are in the celebratory photo, two of the six, Collin and Hannah, are missing.

Colin, who lives with Hannah at her father's house, said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2022 that he had “no relationship” with his mother, and that he did not speak to Alexis, Aiden, Joel, and Leah. Or older twin siblings Cara and Maddie, by five or six years.

After Gosselin divorced her ex-husband Jon in a high-profile split in 2009, he received primary custody of their eight children. However, the custody battle between the pair lasted for a decade, with John eventually being awarded custody of Colin.

Collin said during the interview that he believed the “thing that drove us apart” was “TV and what being in the public eye does to a family.”

The Gosselins rose to fame in the late 2000s with the hit TLC documentary-style reality TV series “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, which ran from 2007 to 2009.

In 2010, following the couple's divorce, the series changed to “Kate Plus 8”, which focused on Kate Gosselin and her children. That ended in 2017.

Two years later, Gosselin starred in the TLC show “Kate + Date,” which documented her search for her perfect match after being single for a decade.

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Kate Gosselin starred in several TLC reality series with her family between 2007 and 2019.

In a TikTok video last year, one of her twin sisters, Maddie, said she was tired of the public feeling like they were owed access to their family because they were once reality stars, saying “It It's nobody else's business” What's going on behind closed doors.

“No matter what story you have created in your mind based on what you have seen, my brothers and sisters are doing great. They are all wonderful people. They're all smart, they're all kind, they're motivated students, they're hard-working, they're funny, they're stylish,'' he added.

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