Kevin McCarthy interested in returning as House Speaker

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Monday he is willing to resume serving as House Speaker if enough Republicans who voted in favor of his ouster last week vote for his reinstatement.

Asked about a possible return to the job, McCarthy said during an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s syndicated radio program, “Whatever the conference wants, I’ll do.” He reiterated that sentiment a few hours later at a press conference that focused primarily on the Israel-Hamas war.

McCarthy comments As the House Republican conference prepared to meet for the first time since Tuesday, eight Republicans joined all the Democrats present in voting to remove McCarthy. At the time, McCarthy said he would not run for a leadership role again., Saying last week: “I will not run for speaker again. “I’ll pick someone else at the conference.”

Now less than a week after McCarthy’s ouster, Congress faces a new challenge – how to respond to the violence that erupted between Hamas and Israel over the weekend without a speaker. Although he no longer holds a leadership position, McCarthy attempted on Monday to suggest a way forward to support Israel.

Many Republicans were angry at McCarthy for making a government funding deal with Democrats that set the stage for his removal from office. McCarthy defended his actions on Monday, suggesting that the country would have been worse off if he had made no compromise.

“I’m a conservative [who] Believes in governing conservatively,” he said. “I can only think that if the government had shut down right now, what would we be talking about? What questions might our men and women also be asking? What will the border look like? “Will people around the world, will Iran take advantage of this?”

Two other Republicans, Majority Leader Steve Scalise (La.) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (Ohio), have launched bids to succeed McCarthy. It is unclear whether either of them will be able to secure the necessary votes to become speaker.

Asked by Hewitt whether he would put himself forward to break the impasse, McCarthy said: “Look, the conference has to make that decision.” At a Monday press conference, McCarthy reported that he retained the support of “96 percent” of the members of the House Republican conference, and said the remaining 4 percent were “playing politics.”

“And now we are putting doubt inside this body. This is wrong,” he added.

Without a full-time Speaker, the ability to run the House has been limited. The violence in the Middle East has underlined its limits, as some members press for an aid package to Israel.

In his interview with Hewitt, McCarthy stressed the need for Congress to show strength and solidarity with Israel amid the conflict. He also pointed to current matters he believes would have been handled differently had he remained in leadership.

“We would have gotten more information,” McCarthy said, referring to the conflict. The former speaker insisted that, under his watch, the House would have introduced a resolution on Monday “calling on other world leaders to join in, to show the world that we are united.”

House Republicans need to choose a new speaker. Here’s how it works.

Additionally, McCarthy said, under his leadership, the House will consider what ammunition and resources should be provided to Israel, evaluate sanctions against Iran and “take action against any anti-Semitism.” What is happening not only on our college campuses, but directly in Congress.” Too.”

House Republicans plan to meet in a closed meeting Monday night to discuss where the conference goes next after removing McCarthy as speaker. A candidate forum is scheduled for Tuesday, followed by a vote among House Republicans on Wednesday.

It is unclear when the full House might vote on a new speaker.

Mariana Alfaro contributed to this report.

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