K'Sante massively glitched on LoL patch 14.4, taking away his abilities

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K'Sante has had multiple, reworked-level nerfs that have removed entire parts of her kit and changed the way she works. And now, on League of Legends patch 14.4, he's removing even more parts of his kit altogether.

K'Sante has been nothing short of a nightmare since his release in League of Legends. Although his win rate has always been a bit lagging in the lower levels of the game, he is a major problem in both high-level ranked games and professional play.

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As Shoemaker's now-legendary K'Sante rant will tell you, this champ kind of does it all. He's tanky, he has dash, he has CC, he has shielding, he has burst damage; It does almost everything you need it to do, and it does it all well.

However, some various glitches on patch 14.4 aren't just knocking down his numbers: they're removing entire chunks of his kit. again.

K'Sante is being targeted by even more LoL nerfs in 14.4

K'Sante's balancing history is a bit new, and it's full of a mix of hobbyists and nerds. Getting him into a good spot has been a real challenge for Riot, and his adjustments have increased his win rate wildly. At least, when it comes to reducing MMR. he is Always Was strong in pro play.

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From removing some damage ratios and scaling from some of his abilities, to weakening his ultimate and the way he scales, to increasing his mana cost, restricting when he can use Flash and more. Gaya, his number has been continuously adjusted since his release.

The latest set of Nerfs is, among other things, removing parts of his kit. Here's what was revealed in the initial patch 14.4 notes:

K'Sante's base splash art for League of Legendsriot Games

K'Sante is one of the league's newest champions, and he has a lot of defensive tools.

base data

  • Base health increased: 570 >>> 610
  • Base mana increased: 290 >>> 320

Question: Ntofo Strikes

  • No longer slow down during all out

W: path maker

  • Damage resistance ratio increased: 50% >>> 70%
  • Increase in all out minimum charge time: 0.5 sec >>> 0.75 sec
  • Cooldown no longer reduces to 18-12 seconds during All Out

E: footwork

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  • Dash speed reduced: 1700 >>> 900
  • Ally dash speed reduced: 1800 >>> 1500
  • All out dash speed reduced: 2100 >>> 1450

The two big things to note here are that his Q will no longer slow down in All-Out, and the cooldown of his W will also no longer be reduced eventually. Once you use that first W, chances are that will be the only one you get unless the fight goes on for a long time.

Additionally, his mobility is being severely impacted. His W will still require him to hold on longer, and his dash speed on E is being significantly reduced. Now it will be very difficult for him to avoid abilities.

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While these nerfs come with some buffs, his lack of ability to move around massively impacts his survivability. It remains to be seen whether this is the nail in the coffin that will prevent him from continuing his reign of terror in the high level game.

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