Land return from China, free electricity, education and healthcare: Kejriwal's 10 guarantees if India wins elections

Free electricity, education and health, two crore jobs in the next one year, and full freedom for the Indian Army to reclaim Indian land currently held by China, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal. were among the ten promises made on Sunday by who also said that they would ensure that these “guarantees” are implemented when the Indian bloc comes to power after the Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a press conference at the AAP headquarters in the city days after being released on interim bail, Kejriwal reiterated his promise to grant full statehood to Delhi and also said that if the opposition alliance wins. Agnew scheme will be scrapped.

“It was delayed due to my arrest, but there are still several phases of the elections. I have not discussed it with the rest of the Indian alliance but it is a guarantee that nobody will have any problem,” Kejriwal said during a press conference.

He said that the party will work on a war footing to fulfill these 10 guarantees, which are fundamental for the country's progress.

Notably, he guaranteed the recapture of land occupied by China. China is occupying our land but our central government is denying it… Our military is very powerful. Kejriwal said that all the lands of the country which are occupied by China will be freed.

The AAP supremo said that while efforts will be made at the diplomatic level, the army will be given full freedom to take necessary steps in this regard.


Along with his guarantee of free electricity, the Delhi Chief Minister noted that India has a generation capacity of 3 lakh MW but consumption is only 2 lakh MW. Our country can generate more electricity than the demand. We have done it in Delhi and Punjab, we will do it in the country as well. We will provide free electricity up to 200 units to all the poor. It will cost Rs 1.25 lakh crore, we can arrange it.

Citing the example of the AAP government's work in Delhi and Punjab, Kejriwal said, “Government schools will provide better education than private schools. We have done it in Delhi and Punjab. It will require Rs 5 lakh crore. The state governments will contribute Rs 2.5 lakh crore and the central government will contribute Rs 2.5 crore for this.

Assuring a better healthcare system, the AAP chief said the district hospital would be converted into a multi-specialty hospital. Everyone born in this country will get free treatment. Will not be treated on insurance basis as it is a huge scam. We will build the infrastructure. He further said that Rs 5 lakh crore will be spent on health care.

“You can give farmers a life of dignity, if you are paying them full value for their crops.” In his guarantee to farmers, Kejriwal said that based on the Swaminathan report, they would be “given full prices of their crops. At MSP”.

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