“Laugh or cry?” Comedian after rejection of nomination from PM Modi's seat

'Laugh or cry?'  Comedian after rejection of nomination from PM Modi's seat

Shyam Rangela has alleged hurdles in the nomination process.

New Delhi:

Comedian Shyam Rangela, who filed his nomination to contest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat, was rejected by the Election Commission on Wednesday. In a video message, Mr. Rangela claimed that the nomination forms of 36 of the 55 candidates for the seat were rejected, while the affidavits of 15 candidates, including PM Modi and Congress nominee Ajay Roy, were not scrutinized. passed

Mr Rangela has alleged several hurdles in the nomination process, claiming he was prevented from submitting papers on time. Her allegations extended to the district magistrate's office, where she alleged she was unfairly treated and denied assistance during the filing process.

“Today, the District Magistrate told me that there is some problem with my papers and I didn't take oath. They didn't let the lawyers go with me and called me alone. My friend was beaten up. Modi ji may take action and cry. , but I don't want to cry here,” said Mr Rangela.

“Yesterday 27 nomination papers were submitted and today 32 were rejected, I feel like laughing at the Election Commission, should I laugh? Or should I cry?” he added.

The Varanasi government district magistrate's account sought to justify the rejection by citing flaws in Mr. Rangela's affidavit and failure to comply with procedural restrictions.

“Your nomination papers were scrutinized in your presence and you were apprised of the deficiencies. Your nomination papers have been canceled as the affidavit submitted by you was incomplete and you was not sworn in, a copy of which order is also available.Varanasi District Magistrate S Rajalingam wrote on X.

Mr Rangela, a staunch supporter of former Prime Minister Modi, said things had changed in the last decade, having decided to contest against the Prime Minister from Varanasi.

“In 2014, I was a follower of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I shared many videos supporting the Prime Minister. Videos were also shared against Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Looking at them, one can say I am only Bharatiya. I will vote for Janata Party for the next 70 years but the situation has changed in the last 10 years, I will now fight as an independent candidate against the Prime Minister.

The Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency saw a historic clash in 2014 when Mr. Modi, then the BJP's prime ministerial candidate, pitted against AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Mr Modi's landslide victory, with a margin of more than 3 lakh votes, cemented Varanasi's position as a BJP stronghold, a legacy he wants to extend in the coming elections.

Varanasi, which has five assembly seats, has been a battleground where the BJP and Congress have locked horns over the years. Since 1957, while the BJP has made significant gains since 1991, winning the seat seven times, the Congress has also grown in influence, winning six times. Varanasi seat has never been won by Samajwadi Party or Bahujan Samaj Party.

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