Leave the frameless shower door trend a thing of the past and try this cozy idea

Arched entry doors offer a very unique look as the shape and softness of the curves easily create a cozy atmosphere. An arched shower entry door is a great way to have a focal point, define the area, and make it feel a little private, while the glass enclosure still maintains an open feel. If you have a walk-in shower you can incorporate this design by getting a built-in arched door or arched wall. Luckily, you can DIY an arch with foam if an existing wall is already there.

With this concept, use color and texture to create as much definition as you want. One way to emphasize the arch is to create a dark wall on the outside with a light wall inside the shower area, or create a light wall on the outside and a statement backsplash on the inside. Having an outline on glass doors can also add more definition. You can also make a statement by adding an interesting tile to the interior of the arch.

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