'Live happily, go now': What led to the death of a Kerala couple and their friend in an Arunachal hotel room?

Devi, one of the trio who committed suicide in a hotel room in Arunachal Pradesh, is the daughter of renowned wildlife photographer Balan Madhavan. The mysterious death of three Malayalis – Devi, her husband Naveen Thomas and their teacher friend Arya B Nair – at a hotel in the northeastern hills has sparked speculation that “black magic” could be behind their deaths.

While the renowned photographer was shocked by the news of his daughter's sudden death, he said that both Devi and her husband led a happy life and had no marital problems. “I don't know what to do or what to say,” he said.

Naveen and Devi got married in 2011 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Naveen and Devi were Ayurvedic doctors, while Arya was a school teacher and a resident of Thiruvananthapuram.

“Devi lived at Naveen's house in Kottayam. She rarely visited Thiruvananthapuram. I am not in a position to discuss it further. I have to find her more than anyone. Devi in ​​German. There was a lot of interest. After learning the language, he worked at the Champaka school shortly before the pandemic,” Balan Madhavan was quoted as saying. Kerala Kumudi.

Meanwhile, neighbors and relatives of the couple have described Naveen as someone who did not talk much and was in his own world.

A report published in Commodity also revealed that Devi used to teach German in a private school where she met another teacher, Arya. Then the two became very close friends.

Confidential note

Arunachal Pradesh police said they recovered a suicide note from the room in which the couple was found dead along with their friend, according to a Malayalam website Mathrabhoomi. The suicide note made the police suspect that the couple had fallen victim to black magic.


“We have no debt. We have no problems. We'll go where we're supposed to be,” the suicide note read, “Lived happily all these years and now we're leaving.”

Kerala couple, their friend found dead in Arunachal hotel room

Initially, all three were bleeding from cuts on their wrists, police said. Multiple reports have said that the police suspect that the message in the suicide note may have caused the couple to “fall under black magic”.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Police on Tuesday said it will send a team to Arunachal Pradesh in connection with the death of three people from the state.

Thiruvananthapuram city police commissioner C Nagaraju said the behavior of the trio – a married couple and a woman – seems unusual, but will not be conclusive until their mobiles and other electronic devices are checked. but nothing can be said, NDTV Reported

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First Publication: 03 April 2024, 13:06 IST

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