Lizzo clarifies she's not leaving the music industry, just 'negative energy'

  • By Brandon Drennan
  • BBC News

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Lizzo Appears at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

US pop star Lizzo is not stepping away from the spotlight any time soon, she has assured her fans in a social media post.

The Grammy winner said last week that she was “quitting” because she was fed up of being targeted for her looks and character online.

But she clarified in a new video: “When I say I quit, I mean I quit paying attention to any negative energy.”

The pop star built her reputation on body positivity, but she has been accused of fat shaming one of her dancers.

The singer – real name Melissa Vivian Jefferson – has denied that allegation, as well as a lawsuit filed last year by her former dancers who accused her of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

In the singer's “I quit” post on Instagram on March 30, she said she was “tired of being dragged down by everyone in my life and on the internet”.

The message came just days after he demonstrated in front of a crowd in New York City and three US presidents.

An attorney representing the singer's former dancers had criticized Lizzo's decision to headline the event amid the allegations against her.

In a new video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Lizzo tried to set the record straight.

“What I'm not going to give up is the joy I have in life, which is making music, which is connecting with people, because I know I'm not alone,” she said.

“In no shape or form am I the only person experiencing that negative voice that seems louder than the positive.”

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