Logan Paul demonstrates 'Hoc Tua' move during WWE match

logan paul

'Hawk Tuah' was brought to WWE…


logan paulSpitting on that thing in WWE… reacting in a manner inspired by the “Hoc Tua” girl mid-fight – and, it's sent the internet into a frenzy.

The YouTube star turned professional wrestler attended “WWE SmackDown” at Madison Square Garden on Friday night and faced off L.A. Knight And santos escobar in a triangle fight … and, after failing to catch Escobar, he pulled his head back and spat out the viral phrase.


— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) June 29, 2024

Check out the clip… Logan clearly utters the words 'Round The World' – while spitting towards his opponent after not getting the win.

Hock Tuah – The original interview that started it all pic.twitter.com/QiDfnmXjye

— The Postman (@officalpostman) June 22, 2024

In case you somehow missed this viral craze… Paul is referencing a street interview with a girl named Haley Welch – who has described a NSFW act which she says would drive any man crazy in the bedroom.

She has received plenty of media attention — though she has stayed out of the limelight since the explosion — and, thanks to a collaboration with an apparel company thousands of dollars Value of goods sold.

Not surprising that Logan took this step to the ring … he's usually at the forefront of viral moments in sports – and, the Phillies' first baseman Bryce Harper Too appeared to be celebrating with this phrase just last week, so athletes clearly loved the video.

Unfortunately, “Hawk Tuah” couldn't save Logan's night … as he and Escobar ultimately lost to LA Knight. By the way … there's something different going on on social media right now — some people are loving it, some are rolling their eyes. It's a mixed bag.

Well…it looks like WWE is covered in “Hoc Tua” – and, the viral phrase is making its way into all walks of life.

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