Lonavala Tragedy: Five members of a family were swept away in Bhushi Dam falls from Pune.

The falls and the Bhushi Dam area are popular tourist spots, especially during the monsoon season, attracting many visitors who come to enjoy the natural beauty and cool waters. However, heavy rains also make these places dangerous, with rapidly rising water levels and strong currents creating significant hazards.

Local authorities are urging tourists to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when visiting such areas, especially during the monsoon season. Despite these warnings, such incidents continue to occur, highlighting the need for increased safety measures and awareness among visitors.

The search is on for the remaining three members of the family, with rescue teams working tirelessly to locate them. The incident has created an uproar in the area, with both locals and tourists expressing their shock and grief over the tragic incident.

Authorities are expected to review safety protocols at the site to prevent such incidents in the future, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Lonavala without compromising their safety. .

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