M Kharge waved the minister in the Parerna Sathal row.

New Delhi:

Congress chief Mallikarjan Kharge on Monday discussed with Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiran Rijiju the issue of Parrana Stall, which involves moving statues of national icons including Mahatma Gandhi and Dr BR Ambedkar from the front to the back of the Parliament premises. is referred to. .

Announced last month, the relocation sparked fierce protests from an opposition that has often railed against the BJP government over a large bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

In a stormy opening session of the Rajya Sabha this morning, Mr Rijiju hit out at the opposition, saying, “These statues were not placed in a secluded area, but at a proper place… Parerna stall… in which all the important Statues of leaders have been installed.”

To this Mr. Kharge hit back by saying, “They don't know… they don't know about the committee. The decision should have been discussed with the committee members first.”

Mr. Kharge said that all action should have been taken later.

The Congress chief insists that, since the announcement to move the idols (around 50 of them) was made, the government has failed to follow protocol. Last month he released a detailed statement on X, arguing that the “arbitrary” action “violates the fundamental spirit of our democracy”.

“Each and every statue and its location in the Parliament House complex had great significance and importance… all of which have now been removed in an arbitrary and unilateral manner.”

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“There is a dedicated committee to install portraits and statues of national leaders and MPs in the Parliament complex… which includes MPs from both houses. However, the committee has not been reconstituted since 2019,” Mr Kharge said. announced.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat said the change was made because “visitors were not able to see these statues easily”. “For this reason, all the statues are being respectfully installed in a grand inspiration stall…”

The Prerna stall was inaugurated by Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, who described the space as “motivational and inspiring”. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said, “People are inspired by such great men… I think Prerna Sathal will always inspire generations to come.”

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