Malibu mayor criticizes city for giving preference to Kourtney Kardashian brand event

Malibu Mayor Bruce Silverstein took to Facebook on Saturday to criticize the city for quickly signing off on a program in his neighborhood for Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh brand. Silverstein wrote in a post, “The City of Malibu continues to give celebrities and the uber rich more space than residents: City staff sells out the Kardashians and an emergency expedited permit for a large event at a vacant single-family home in a private neighborhood Gives,” Silverstein wrote about how celebrities get preferential treatment for permits when regular residents often complain about untimely responses from the city. He said he didn’t care that the event was in his neighborhood, but he did care that the city’s response to a legitimate complaint about an event was to immediately get the permit he needed for the celebrity soirée. Had neglected to get it earlier. “This is not a good look for the city,” he wrote. “However it is a great advertisement for non-residents who want to come here and destroy residents’ peaceful enjoyment of their homes.”

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