Manesar residents criticize municipal body's waste management plan

Residents of Manesar have expressed concern over the Municipal Corporation of Manesar's (MCM) plan to enlist private agencies for waste management, fearing similar incompetence has been witnessed in Gurugram. . Residents, who manage in-house composting in around 80 societies, argued that hiring these agencies would increase surface waste management and costs, and alleged that officials involved in a scheme were manipulating the system. Included for

In response to these concerns, Additional Commissioner of MCM, Jitendra Kumar revealed that he has no plans to include any appointed private agency in the panel. (Hindustan Times)

Residents pointed out the absence of survey reports from the MCM to assess the existing waste management practices. Residents highlighted that successful waste management depends on source segregation, which is neglected by existing agencies in Gurugram. He further alleged that bulk waste generators (BWGs) have been mandated for segregation and disposal of waste despite the guidelines of Solid Waste Management (SWM) 2016. There were no seminars or training programs to make them aware of these methods.

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Parveen Malik, president of the United Association of New Gurugram and Sector 92 Resident Welfare Association, suggested bringing in new, proven agencies or experts instead of the people of Gurugram. “SWM is a big problem in Gurugram, and no agency there has been able to improve the situation over the years. We don't want a similar nexus to develop in the MCM area… SWM only Not a business but a big problem that needs to be solved with concrete intentions,” he said.

The Vice President of SPAZE Privy (Residential Society) in Sector 93 Ajmer Singh claimed that MCM officers issued tenders to designated agencies for BWG at short notice. “Most societies under MCM have compost setups that are not managed properly. MCM should do a survey first before hiring agencies. We don't want the same agencies operating in Gurugram. The situation there is dire, with communities paying huge sums for zero results. We don't want to waste our resources,” he said.

Manjeet Kumar, RWA president of Bestich Anand in Sector 81, echoed similar sentiments, stressing the need for proper training and clear instructions. “Without proper training, it's a waste of time, money and resources, and everyone is aware of that, but it seems to be happening because of pre-arranged arrangements,” he said.

In response to these concerns, Additional Commissioner of MCM, Jitendra Kumar revealed that he has no plans to include any appointed private agency in the panel. “Our plan is to keep the area clean and ensure 100% waste segregation and BWG. If RWAs don't want to employ anyone, they can manage the waste on their own. Hiring an agency is optional. MCM's strategy focuses on empowering residents and communities to take responsibility for their waste management, promoting self-reliance and sustainability within the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents said there is an opportunity to shape waste management practices for a better future. Solid waste management is a vast subject, and the agencies operating in Gurugram have proven ineffective, as is widely acknowledged. He alleged that the key to successful waste management is segregation of waste at source, which has not been addressed by any agency or MCM. He has urged the MCM to adopt more efficient and transparent methods to avoid repeating Gurugram's mistakes.

The MCM was formed by the Haryana government in December 2020, following demands from new sectors and factory owners. Under MCM, there are about 80 societies, of which 60 are operational while the rest are under construction, with an occupancy rate of between 70-80%. Wet waste is a major challenge, while dry waste is considered valuable due to its recyclability. As such, residents have criticized local agencies for focusing on dry waste, and neglecting proper handling of wet waste.

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