Mani Shankar Iyer sparks new row, says Chinese 'allegedly attacked' India in 1962, apologizes for 'mistake'

BJP's IT department chief Amit Malviya slammed the Congress over veteran leader Mani Shankar Iyer's comments.  (Photo: News 18/File)

BJP's IT department chief Amit Malviya slammed the Congress over veteran leader Mani Shankar Iyer's comments. (Photo: News 18/File)

Both the Congress and the BJP reacted to his controversial remarks, saying that he had distanced himself from the “original idiom” and later termed it as a “brazen attempt at revisionism”.

After Congress leader Mani Shankar Iyer said the Chinese had “allegedly invaded” India in 1962, a fresh political controversy had erupted, with both his party and the BJP reacting to his remarks. expressed. The veteran leader, known for making controversial statements, later apologized “unreservedly” for his “mistake”, even as his party said he distanced himself from the “original sentence”. has been set aside and the BJP termed it a “brazen attempt at revisionism”. .

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh pointed out that Iyer later apologized for his remarks and that “allowances should be made for his age”. He said the party had distanced itself from his “original idiom”. But, he also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of giving a “clean chit” to the Chinese to invade India in May 2020.

According to a purported video of an event at the Foreign Correspondents' Club on Tuesday evening (May 28), Aghyar narrated a story, saying, “In October 1962, the Chinese allegedly invaded India.” He expressed these views on the occasion of the launch of the book. Nehru's first recruitment.

Later, in a brief statement, he said, “I apologize unreservedly for mistakenly using the word 'alleged' before the 'Chinese attack' at the Foreign Correspondents' Club this evening.”

BJP's IT department chief Amit Malviya criticized the Congress over Iyer's remarks. “Manishankar Iyer, speaking at the FCC, at the launch of a book called Nehru's First Recruits, calls the Chinese attack in 1962 'alleged'. This is a brazen attempt at revision,” the BJP leader said on X.

“Nehru gave up India's claim to a permanent seat in the UNSC in favor of the Chinese, Rahul Gandhi signed a secret memorandum of understanding, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation accepted funds from the Chinese embassy and marketed to Chinese companies. Based on these reports, Sonia Gandhi's UPA opened up the Indian market to Chinese goods, hurting MSMEs and now Congress leader Agyar wants to whitewash the Chinese invasion. After which the Chinese have illegally occupied 38,000 square kilometers of Indian territory.

He asked: “What explains the Congress' love of the Chinese?”

The BJP held a press conference on Wednesday, where it alleged that Iyer's statement was a reflection of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's thinking. National spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said it was an insult to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

“On one hand PM Modi is among the people with our (BJP) report card and on the other hand there are such statements against the country. Mani Shankar Iyer's statement is not a trivial matter, it is an insult to all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. 1400 soldiers were martyred in the war of 1962. Is this not an insult to our soldiers? And Mani Shankar Iyer is saying that the alleged attack has taken place. Although this is Mani Shankar Iyer's statement, it is Rahul Gandhi's thought.

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