Manipur has again banned mobile internet till October 1

Mobile internet banned in Manipur again amid protests over pictures of dead students

Manipur has again banned mobile devices from accessing the internet amid violent protests over the brutal killing of two minors, news of which went viral on social media after photos of the bodies went viral. The ban will remain in effect until Sunday and comes days after the state government lifted similar orders – which had been in place for five months – following ethnic violence between the Meiti and Kuki tribes in the northeastern state.175 More than 100,000 people were killed and left there. Hundreds injured.

Earlier today, hundreds of students came out on the streets against these killings. They tried to march towards Chief Minister N Baran Singh’s residence but were stopped by security forces, who fired tear gas shells and hurled smoke bombs to disperse the crowd. Many students were injured in the clash.

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The two students whose deaths have fueled fresh tension in the state have been missing since early July – when the Meti-Kuki conflict was at its peak. A photo circulating on social media shows them sitting in a makeshift jungle camp of an unidentified armed group.

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The 17-year-old girl is seen in a white t-shirt and the boy is wearing a checked shirt. Two men with guns are clearly visible behind them. In another, their bodies are seen lying on the ground.

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The two were spotted on CCTV footage in July but have not been traced since then.

The distraught parents of the young boy spoke to NDTV and condemned the “inhumane” killing.

“What was wrong with my son or daughter, who was killed? They didn’t harm anyone… they were just walking around. It’s inhumane to be brutally killed!” said the father.

The two children – in a relationship with each other – were riding a motorbike after curfew (imposed due to racial violence) was relaxed when they were believed to have been kidnapped.

The case sparked outrage and many questioned why the police had failed to find the killers.

The Manipur government has asked the people to show patience and let the authorities investigate the abduction and murder of the two students. Mr Singh, who has vowed “swift and decisive action”, has handed over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

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