Men’s parental leave may protect them from alcohol-related health risks

London, Oct 8 (IANS) Men on parental leave have a significantly reduced risk of hospitalization due to alcohol consumption, a new study has found. Sol Juarez, associate professor at Stockholm University, believes the results of the study could be useful. policy makers.

“Policymakers should consider whether fathers’ parental leave not only promotes more gender-equal involvement in child care, but also reduces alcohol use,” said Juarez in the study published in the journal Addiction. “Can also reduce losses related to Stockholm University.

The objective of the study was to assess whether fathers’ parental leave affects alcohol-related morbidity and mortality.

He examined the effects of a parental leave policy implemented in Sweden in 1995.

The policy encouraged fathers to use parental leave by reserving 30 days of leave solely for their own use and resulted in the proportion of fathers using parental leave increasing from 43 percent to 75 percent.

“After the policy was implemented there was a 34 percent reduction in (alcohol-related) hospitalizations among fathers in the two years after birth, with a corresponding reduction up to 8 and 18 years after birth,” said researcher Helena Honkaniemi. Said. Department of Public Health Sciences.

Most of the changes were found in those hospitalized for alcohol intoxication and alcohol-related mental and behavioral disorders.

“Additional analyzes evaluating actual changes in parental leave use from before to after the policy suggest that these health outcomes are driven by increases in fathers’ parental leave use, rather than other underlying trends.” “, explained Honkaniemi.


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