Microsoft-backed cloud platform will 'intimidate Indians into agreeing to it': Ola CEO

Bengaluru: Hailstone Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal Said that the company will take over its responsibility cloud platformKrautrim, because it is planning to exit Microsoft'S Blue Within a week.
Ola has been a Microsoft customer since 2017.
“since Linkedin Owned by Microsoft and Ola being a key customer of Azure, we have decided to migrate our entire workload from Azure to our @Krutrim cloud within the next week. This is a challenge, as all developers know, but my team is very excited to do it. For any other developer who wants to move out of Azure, we will offer a full year of free cloud usage, as long as you come back to Azure after that!” he wrote in a blog post on X and Ola.
AI unicorn Crutrim, founded by Aggarwal, has also opened up its cloud platform to enterprises, researchers and developers for access to AI computing infrastructure, Crutrim's foundational models, and open-source models hosted on its platform. In January, Crutrim raised $50 million in a funding round led by Matrix Partners India. Agarwal said the funding was at a valuation of more than $1 billion. This potentially makes it India's first unicorn in the pure AI space.
Agarwal's decision to leave Azure was triggered by a recent post on LinkedIn, where he criticized the use of the pronoun 'they' as a “sickness”. LinkedIn removed the post for violating its professional community policies. Aggarwal expressed his belief that the pronoun issue represents a “woke political ideology of the right” that does not exist in India. “I don't get involved in this debate, but LinkedIn has assumed that Indians need to adopt pronouns in their lives, and we can't criticize it. They will bully or cancel us for agreeing with them. And if they can do that then for me, I'm sure the average user has no chance, this Western DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) system has a significant impact on my business. Because it promotes an entitlement mentality in our professional lives, and I will fight it too,” he wrote on X.
Aggarwal stressed the importance of Indian Technology PlatformHe expressed his concern that their lives would be ruled by the Western Big Tech monopoly, leading to cultural decline. He clarified that his stance is not against global tech companies, but against forced imposition of ideology as a free-thinking Indian.
To address this concern, Ola plans to collaborate with the Indian developer community to build a social media framework based on ONDC and UPI. “The only 'community guidelines' should be Indian law. No corporate entity should be able to decide what will be restricted. Data should be owned by creators rather than corporations who profit from our data and then Guidelines lecture us on 'community,'” he wrote on X.

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