Mirzapur Season 3: Money-making lessons from all the gunmen of wild Purvanchal

Created by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, the magic of Mirzapur has been working on Prime Video ever since the first episode released on November 18, 2018. Season 3 of the star-studded saga of power in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh will release on July 5, 2024.

Kaleen Bhaiya has gone underground after being injured by bullets, while Guddu Bhaiya and Golu Didi are fighting for the throne of Mirzapur. If only Sharad Yadav and Madhuri Yadav were not wishing that these two die. Bharat Tyagi also wants the same.

Ramakant Pandit, on the other hand, is struggling with his principles. As you helplessly watch the tale of blood, guns and power unfold on Amazon Prime, you wish the poetry-loving maid Radhika and the beautiful Beena Tripathi got more screen time. Of course, CM Madhuri's cool, attentive PA, Anand ji, too, has an anecdote or two to tell.

Dear savvy investor, what does this violent tale of power grab have to do with you? Is it just a story that violence on screen keeps our animal instincts at bay in real life? When you watch the tragedy of brother killing brother on screen, do you learn to handle real life antics better? I find extreme violence a boring spectacle and yet this season of Mirzapur gives us two very important lessons related to money.

Lack of trust will hurt you

Guddu knows he is powerful and Golu is the brain of the dangerous duo that managed to defeat Munna and Kaleem Bhaiya. This wouldn't have been possible if Guddu hadn't managed to escape and get SSP Maurya out of the way thanks to Ramakant Pandit's unusual lethal shot.

And yet Guddu goes against Golu's advice not once but several times and lands in trouble. Guddu cannot resist a wrestler (bodybuilding) competition, and insists on going to strike a deal with Lala's daughter.

Golu trusts the informers and decides to handle everything herself when Guddu is away. She is saddened by Guddu's decision to go with Lala's daughter and wants to prove that she is not standing next to the chair of power but deserves it.

Ramakant Pandit, on the other hand, is overly cautious. In prison, he is advised by fellow inmates not to trust the serial killer Gerua before accepting kitchen duty. But he is an honest man, and survives the murder attempt that is targeted at Gerua. Ramakant Pandit trusts his instincts to figure out why Gerua became a killer.

You too! Dear smart investors, when it comes to making any decision about your hard-earned money, you should not trust just anyone. Sure you have a financial planner to help you achieve all your goals. But there is that comic book you read many moons ago in which they asked a very relevant question: Who will watch Watchmen?

It is your money that is being invested, and even if you trust the person who is handling the money for you, you must learn all about how, where, why your money is being invested. Trust is fragile. So educate yourself about every financial decision you make. This way you leave no room for betrayal. Trust no one but yourself. After all, the responsibility is yours.

Distractions are many. Focus!

Prison language, sermons about biryani, barfi, chief guests, attractive women, bears and rats and beautiful forests – these are all commonplace in episodes of Mirzapur. But there is one dialogue that makes all this unnecessary violence and bloodshed worth watching. This dialogue comes across quite simply as a strong appeal from a wife to her honest husband.

Ramakant Pandit (the incredible Rajesh Tailang) confesses to shooting SSP Maurya, who could have killed his son Guddu. He had ideological differences with his son, but he saved his son from being killed. So he takes his scooter to the police station and confesses his crime. Of course, this lands him in jail. No matter how much anyone tries to convince him to defend himself in court, he won't. His wife Vasudha comes to meet him in jail.

Getting emotional, she asks him why, after fighting for what is right all his life, he is wallowing in self-pity? She says, 'It is the court's job to pass judgement on your work, but isn't your decision to not defend your work in court a betrayal to me as well as your daughter Dimpy? How can you take this decision alone?' She helps him take his mind off the cycle of self-blame.

As a smart investor, you are also investing not just for your future but for the future of your family as well. They may not understand money the way you do, but if their well-being is in your hands, isn't it your responsibility to explain to them why and how the money is being invested?

Most of us are peace loving, often letting others have the spotlight, preferring to live life without confrontation. But when you need to be driven, will you stand up and speak up? I say reclaim your personal Mirzapur throne! Stand strong.

Manisha Lakhe is a poet, film critic, traveller, founder of Caferati – an online writers' forum, hosts Mumbai's oldest open mic, and teaches advertising, film and communications. She can be reached on Twitter @manishalakhe.

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