Money-shifting Toyota GR Corolla caused $42,000 loss: report

During an apparent homecoming, the owner of the 2024 GR Corolla revealed carscoops He inadvertently dropped to third place instead of fifth. It should be a matter of no harm, no foul play. Except for the fact that dealer service records state that the vehicle was probably spinning at 8,900 rpm. The GR Corolla's redline is 6,500 rpm. Holy guacamole, Batman.

Whether it was just racing or pushing the car, putting the car in the wrong gear was a costly mistake. It seems as if a piston has melted. Given the compact nature of this car's engine, turbocharger and transfer case, a lot of damage can be done if the car is forced to accelerate beyond its intended limits. The dealer provided a repair fee of $42,180. Um, a new GR Corolla Premium, owner-owned, starts at $41,515 (including $1,095 destination). And the news gets worse. The vehicle has less than 500 miles on the odometer, but Toyota refused to cover the damage under warranty.

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In save-the-manual circles, this is called money shift and generally means a bad upshift. Missing or missing gear is not an issue. Doing so at (or, in this case, beyond) the redline can have disastrous consequences. This is not an exaggeration. As you've seen, the reason it's called a money shift is because of the high expense of repairs. Redlines are at specific rpm for a reason. Go beyond that limit, and things will break.

A destroyed GR Corolla engine is believed to be the result of money laundering but could not be confirmed. Toyota offered to cover the repair bill of more than $32,000. This is a point of contention for this latest victim of money laundering. His incident appears to have been unintentional and his vehicle is basically still in the break-in period.

The owners are in constant talks with various representatives, but no solution has been found so far.

Vehicle manufacturers may reject warranty claims as they deem fit. Toyota seems to be shrugging it off as driver error, but we'll keep an eye on whether the automaker changes its mind. After all the GR Corolla is supposed to be driven hard, right? Some people have voided the vehicle's warranty entirely and for innocuous reasons, such as getting mud on a Jeep Gladiator or refinancing a Cadillac Escalade-V. Yeah, maybe I should pay more attention to not lazy shifting into third gear.

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