Namaskara redefines the Indian street food landscape with a new Gurgaon venture.

Namaskara, a fresh contender in India's bustling street food scene, has launched six outlets in Gurgaon, aiming to transform the everyday dining experience for office workers. Operating through food trucks and containers, Namaskara plans to expand its footprint to 20 locations by fiscal year 2024-2025, offering an array of affordable, healthy meals from breakfast to dinner. range will be offered.

Operating through a food truck and food container model, Namaskara has launched its services at six different locations in Gurgaon. With a desire to expand its reach in India and organize roadside food businesses, Namaskara aims to set up 20 locations in FY24-25. It's a concept we've been working on for years, and we're happy to announce our arrival,said Riya Sati, COO of Namaskara.

“In a market estimated at a staggering $41 billion, the arrival of Namaskara is welcome. What is cheap is not hygienic, what is expensive is not affordable, what is quality is truly accessible. No. When I worked on Namaskara, we really felt that this market, though vast, had long been plagued by issues of unhealthy practices, inefficiency and disorganization, which created a significant gap. is what Namaskara is ready to fill”, said Rohit Singh, founder and CEO of the building. Brands for Tomorrow (BBFT) which has been an incredible part in shaping Namaskara's vision and mission.

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