NASA asteroid sample parachutes safely over Utah desert; US commander says US exploring possible Space Force hotline with China

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NASA asteroid sample parachute lands safely in Utah desert

A NASA space capsule on Sunday parachuted into the Utah desert carrying the largest soil sample ever taken from the surface of an asteroid that passed through Earth’s atmosphere and delivered the astronomical sample to scientists. A gumdrop-shaped capsule released from the robotic spacecraft OSIRIS-REx after the mothership passed within 67,000 miles (107,826 km) of Earth just hours earlier, a designated landing west of Salt Lake City on the U.S. military’s massive Utah test site Touched within the field and training range.

Exclusive-US exploring possible Space Force hotline with China, US commander says

The United States Space Force has had internal discussions about setting up a hotline with China to prevent crises in space, U.S. commander Gen. Chance Saltzman told Reuters on Monday. The chief of space operations said a direct line of communication between the Space Force and its Chinese counterpart would be valuable in reducing tensions, but the US has not yet negotiated with China to establish it.

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