NASA spots two huge explosions on the Sun as Earth grapples with solar storm – take a look – Science News

Two giant solar flares were spotted emanating from the Sun by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on Saturday. The flares were classified by NASA as X5.8 and X1.5-class flares. The largest solar flares are classified as X-category. Category B solar flares are the smallest; After this come C and M classes. Each letter represents a tenfold increase in energy output, making them equivalent to the Richter scale used to measure earthquakes.

NASA tweeted, “The Sun emitted two strong solar flares on May 10-11, 2024, peaking at 9:23 pm EDT on May 10 and 7:44 am EDT on May 11. NASA Solar The Dynamics Observatory captured images of the events, which were classified as X5.8 and X1.5-class flares.

The power of the X-Class Flare is ten times that of the X1, meaning they can exceed nine. Space agencies observed the strongest known flare during solar maximum in 2003. The brightness was eventually calculated on the X45 when the sensors that were monitoring it became overloaded and shut down on the X17. Long-lasting radiation storms can be generated by these X-class flares. According to the NASA blog, such X-class flares have the potential to damage satellites, cause prolonged radiation storms, and even slightly increase the radiation dose of passengers on airplanes.

“Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. The harmful radiation emitted from the flame cannot pass through the Earth's atmosphere and physically affect humans on the ground. However – when intense enough – they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel.“NASA said in its tweet.

Aurora lights dazzled much of the world on Saturday for the second night in a row, after surprising people in the United States, Tasmania and the Bahamas a day earlier. The dazzling celestial display, known as the “Northern Lights,” is generally limited to the planet's far north due to a strong solar storm that could last until Sunday.

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