NASA unveils rocket that can travel to Mars in 2 months

NASA is working on a rocket that can take humans to Mars in 2 months. – unsplash/file

NASA is currently working with a business that is building power engines that could send humans to Mars in two months instead of nine.

Humanity's greatest goal is to conquer other worlds. The new creation will accelerate our progress toward our cosmic purpose, according to Universe Magazine,

Arizona-based Howe Industries is developing a propulsion technology that could prove game-changing. A pulsed plasma rocket would use nuclear fission, or the release of energy from atoms splitting apart, to create plasma packets for thrust to reach high speeds in short periods of time.

Indeed, the engine produces a regulated plasma jet that will help propel the rocket into orbit at speeds far greater than those currently achieved by conventional chemical engines.

Using a plasma propulsion system the spacecraft can generate up to 5,000 tons of thrust with a specific impulse of 10 seconds, which guarantees exceptionally great fuel efficiency.

This sounds like a significant success. That being said, the idea isn't entirely new. A similar idea, called PUFF, was already created by NASA in 2018. However, NASA claims that the price of the pulsed plasma rocket is more reasonable and its architecture is more straightforward.

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