NASCAR showcases EV prototype

NASCAR showed off a new EV prototype stock car today as part of a presentation on its sustainability initiatives at the Chicago street race, for which it has found a new partner in Swedish electrification firm ABB. The car, which looks more like a performance crossover than a Ford Mustang Mach-E, is in many ways completely different from a traditional stock car. However, don't expect the ABB NASCAR EV prototype to replace fuel-burning V8s anytime soon.

As of today's announcement, NASCAR says the car has three electric motors — one in the front and two in the rear — powered by a 78 kWh liquid-cooled battery that can generate 1,000 kW at “max power.”

NASCAR wrote that this EV is based on a modified version of the Next Gen Chassis NASCAR introduced in 2022, which was designed with the transition to alternative fuels in mind. The organization wrote that Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota helped with its development.

Prior to its unveiling, the $1.5 million prototype had only been driven by NASCAR driver David Ragan, according to reports. The Associated Press, Ragan told the outlet that his fastest lap at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia was “two-tenths of a second slower” than a typical racer's despite having nearly twice the acceleration. Not surprisingly, weight was a big factor, slowing him down on turns.

Traditional stock cars aren't heading toward their final left turn, though there are rumors it will introduce hybrids in a few years. Still, it could do something like the ABB-sponsored, all-electric Formula E series; NASCAR says it may “explore the possibilities around high-performance racing,” according to nbc news,

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