Native American group sues commanders for defamation

Many would describe this as an attempt to force the commanders to change their name back to the name that was abandoned in 2020. The truth is that a new lawsuit against the team is not going to force a name change.

has been commander sued for defamation Native American Guardian Association, via The claim stems partly from an allegation that a Commanders employee called the group “fake” in a conversation with the former owner of a luxury suite at FedEx Field.

A spokesperson for Commanders told, “We believe the complaint has no merit and we will take this matter to court.”

The lawsuit alleges that commanders worked with the National Congress of American Indians to remove the former name and not to reinstate it.

“As the self-proclaimed voice of Native Americans everywhere, NCAI and commanders did more than attack the integrity of NAGA; The lawsuit alleges that he silenced more than 90 percent of Native Americans who disagreed with him. “They silenced the Americans too.”

This entire process is likely linked to the decision by members of the new ownership group (including majority owner Josh Harris and limited partner Magic Johnson) to revert to the former name on July 22, the day the sale to Daniel Snyder was finalized. The casual use of the term led to speculation that the new ownership was blowing a trial balloon regarding a possible return of the abandoned name. This encouraged some people to begin aggressively pressing for withdrawal.

Over time, the language evolved to such an extent that the term became a dictionary-defined slang. After years of resistance, Snyder finally bowed to intense pressure from sponsors. It remains to be seen if enough fans can put enough pressure on the team to change it back.

For now, this seems extremely unlikely. However, whenever the pressure increases, Harris and his colleagues only have themselves to blame for opening a Pandora’s box. Had they not revealed the name in the excitement surrounding Snyder’s departure, none of this might have happened.

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