Netizens fire up HYBE after Jeans' response to New Jeans plagiarism allegations

“It's an embarrassment, there's no other way to describe it…”

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Korean netizens responded to the Mexican girl group jeans' feedback newgins'Accusations of plagiarism.

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On May 21, 90s Mexican girl group Jeans responded to fans' request to comment on the plagiarism allegations made against NuJeans. In a short message, the group co-agreed with the K-pop group.


Earlier, a post had gone viral claiming that Newgins copied the 90s group, but fans were later quick to debunk it.

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Korean netizens reacted to the response by criticizing HYBE, who alleged that he posted it as part of their ongoing smear campaign against Newzines.


  • “Oh no, you guys exposed yourselves, hahaha. Make sure you have a ritual to get rid of the embarrassment, haha.
  • “Laughing out loud.”
  • “This is an embarrassment, there's no other way to describe it, hahaha.”
  • “HYBE is an embarrassment.”
  • “I like it too, hahaha.”
  • “It was a scream.”
  • “Bang Si Hyuk is so embarrassing.”


  • “Ah, this is so much fun. I am sure they are going to make something else up to bring more hate, hahaha.”
  • “NewJeans is influenced by the Y2K era and all the aesthetics of the 90s. How can you find the origin (effect)?”
  • “It's ridiculous that they tried to make the claim with the edited clip in the first place, hahaha. Nonsense.”
  • “LOL, TLC shouted out NewJeans and now Jeans have responded that they love the fact that the 90s are coming back. What are you going to do now HYBE?”
  • “Those are lucky jeans.”
  • “Lol, this is hilarious.”

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