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India on Thursday accused Canadian diplomats stationed in India of interfering in India’s internal affairs and said it has already informed Canadian officials that it wants to reduce the number of Canadian diplomats in India. MEA spokesperson Arndam Bagchi said India has informed the Canadian government that mutual diplomatic presence should be equal in power and status. “They are outnumbered by India’s diplomatic presence here… We have seen Canadian diplomatic interference in our internal affairs. It is being taken into account and trying to balance the hierarchy and diplomatic power. We think Canada’s numbers will go down.” Discussions are on,” Bagchi said.

India wants to reduce the number of Canadian diplomats.
India wants to reduce the number of Canadian diplomats.

The MEA’s claim comes at a time when the Canadian High Commission in India said it would temporarily adjust staff presence in the country but cited threats on social media.

India-Canada Diplomatic Relations: Here’s a history of what happened in the last few days.

1. On Monday, Trudeau alleged Indian involvement in the killing of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nanjar. Najar had been wanted by India for years and was killed in June. Trudeau said he had credible allegations of Indian involvement.

2. New Delhi rejected the allegation and a diplomatic tug-of-war ensued between India and Canada, countries that enjoy historically good relations. Both India and Canada expelled one diplomat each from their consulates.

3. India has issued an advisory to Indians living in Canada to exercise extreme caution.

4. India has suspended its visa processing services in Canada, which will also include Canadians residing in other countries.

5. India asked Canada to reduce its diplomatic presence in India and its alleged interference in its internal affairs.

The Ministry of External Affairs confirmed that Trudeau raised the allegation against PM Modi when he was in India to attend the G20 summit and PM Modi rejected it. MEA spokesperson Arndam Bagchi said the Canadian government had not provided any details to New Delhi regarding its allegation. Describing Canada as a safe haven for terrorist activities, the MEA said it had listed the names of 20-25 people to Canada over the years but no action was ever taken.

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