COVID-19 Media Release

Posted: April 3, 2024

COVID-19 Media Release: April 3, 2024

Is it COVID-19, seasonal allergies, the flu or a cold? Rowan County Public Health wants you Know The difference.

As we change through the seasons, Rowan County Public Health (RCPH) Emphasizes the importance of understanding the similarities between COVID-19influenza (flu), Cold, and seasonal allergies. Since symptoms often overlap, it is important to recognize these similarities. on time diagnosis and proper management,

COVID-19flu, ColdAnd seasonal allergies may present with all the symptoms who copy each other, it Equality Symptoms can make it challenging for individuals to decide The cause of their illness without proper medical evaluation.

Itching in nose, eyes, inner ear

new loss of taste or smell

ROwen County Public Healtheleventh Firmly advises individuals Seek guidance from your primary care provider if they experience any concerning symptoms. Various treatment options are available depending on the disease identified. RCPH encourages getting enough Sleep, healthy eating, active living and adequate water intake form a good foundation for a healthy immune system.

Considering The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, RCPH It also reminds the community of the importance of COVID-19 testing, especially when experiencing symptoms associated with respiratory illnesses. Testing for COVID-19 helps control the spread of the virus and protects individuals and communities. Free COVID-19 testing is free and readily available to ensure access for all residents. TeaAn estimate can be requested by calling (980) 432-1800.




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