Newzeans' parents expose promotion for exploiting and abusing members in explosive report

Newgin's parents did not back down.

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newgins'Parents exposed HYBE'S bang si hyuk,

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On May 13, Ilgan Sports released a bombshell expose revealing HYBE's Bang Si Hyuk's alleged abuse of K-pop stars.


In their report, Ilgan Sports included an email from Newjin's parents that was originally sent to Min Hee Jin, which Min Hee Jin forwarded to BELIFT LAB.

In the email, the members' parents criticized HYBE and BELIFT LAB for deliberately plagiarizing NewZines.

We find it unfortunate that the girl group that recently debuted under the HYBE label has sparked controversy over the piracy of NewJeans. We think the similarities were intentionally created by HYBE and BELIFT LAB.

-Newgen's parents

The members' parents also criticized the marketing strategy employed by HYBE, and asked Min Hee Jin if he had given ILLIT permission to use NewJeans' choreography.

Not only that, I think it's a big issue that they are marketing the new group (ILLIT) by comparing them to Nugenes. Did ADOR give the group permission to copy their choreography? These acts will damage the value and reputation of Newgins.

-Newgen's parents

Most shocking, however, were the claims against HYBE's CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, and his mistreatment of the group. You can read more about it in the link below.

Newjin's parents claim that Bang Si Hyuk would deliberately ignore Newjin's members

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