Nintendo World Championships: NES version's estimated Switch file size revealed

Following the classification, the Switch game Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition was officially announced this week.

If you're planning on downloading the title or are curious to know how big the file size of this classic Speed ​​Run compilation is, read on. According to Nintendo's official listing, the estimated eShop file size is 313 MB, In comparison, NES Remix for Wii U was approximately 400 MB (according to the official list).

When Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition Arrives 18 July 2024, it promises to be filled with “over 150 challenging moments” across 13 classic NES titles. These games include titles from the Mario and Zelda series, as well as titles such as Kirby's Adventure, Kid Icarus, and Metroid.

While the local deluxe edition will come with a gold replica cartridge, the 'Special Edition' in Japan will include two Switch Online Famicom controllers. Pre-orders are also live:

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Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition - Deluxe Set

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