Norris criticises Verstappen as 'reckless, desperate' after Austrian GP crash

Lando Norris has called Max Verstappen's driving at Formula 1's 2024 Austrian Grand Prix “reckless” and “desperate” after a collision between the two cost them both race wins.

Norris and Verstappen made contact at the start of the final stage of the race at the Red Bull Ring, after long-time leader Verstappen had lost almost all his previous lead due to a slow pitstop.

As Norris turned his car into an attack on the inside of the track's tight, steep right-hand bend at Turn 3, he thought Verstappen's move to the right in the braking zone caused him to lock-up and go off the track, with the Red Bull driver moving to the left causing a collision as Norris moved onto the outside line at that point.

Verstappen suffered a left-rear puncture and dropped to fifth, after which the stewards blamed him for the collision and imposed an additional 10-second time penalty, while Norris had to retire in the pits due to damage caused by a right-rear puncture.

Speaking to reporters after the race, Norris said of the incident: “There are rules for what you are not allowed to do and what you are allowed to do.

“He was doing things that are not allowed and he was not being punished. I expect a tough fight against Max. I know what to expect. I expect things like aggression and pushing the boundaries.

“All three times he was doing things that could have easily led to an incident. And he was a bit reckless in a way – he seemed a bit desperate on his part.

“There's no need to do that, he's won so many times. But he's a bit desperate to do whatever he can to not let me pass him and I know it's going to be aggressive.

“So I’m not surprised in any way, but I did expect a tough, fair and respectful aspect of the racing and I don’t think I put that into this situation.”

Asked to reflect on his driving against Verstappen on Sunday in Austria and possibly in the future, Norris said: “I don't think I need to change anything in what I'm doing.

“I mean, I was on the side of the track, I didn't know what else I was going to do,” he said.

“He's always been like that. I have a lot of respect for Max, for what he can do and what he does every time he goes out on track, but there are times when I think he maybe goes a bit too far.

“And I think that's what happened today. It's an incident and at the same time, I know these things happen. [But] I'm disappointed. He ruined my race, destroyed my car. These are the best parts of the car 1719826958 For the bin.

“With the fight that we’re in, we don’t have a lot of wiggle room in terms of upgrades and budget limits and things like that.

“My whole car is destroyed and these are all the parts we need for next week.

“It's not just the result of the incidents on the track, it's everything we have to take to Silverstone and what we have to suffer. I just expected a bit more from them.”

Additional reporting: Philip Claren

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